Monday, 25 November 2019

Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

Measuring the marketing budget is important for any kind of Business, It’s important to prepare right strategies to spend whether it in digital marketing vs traditional marketing? For small businesses, making the right marketing decision is not easy.

By getting the complete knowledge on the digital and traditional marketing, a business can get a clear idea of which marketing strategy is suitable and how it should be worked.

In Digital marketing we have to concentrate on creating digital experience instead of just making promotions. People are looking for fresh and engaging content whether it may be videos, images.  Most of the companies that use digital marketing platform additionally they are using social media as a platform for brand building and customer service.

Now a day’s traditional marketing is also shifted to add digital platforms like TV and Music streaming platforms, with additional QR codes and bar codes on advertising media to make more digital outlook.

What is digital marketing?

The simple definition of digital marketing would be, marketing the product or service through electronic devices, web or digital channels like email and social media. Digital marketing is the customer oriented marketing approach. It’s different from traditional marketing as its targeted customer specific marketing approach.

Digital Marketing Channels

Advantages of Digital Marketing
  • Customer Oriented approach
  • There is restriction in controlling the time and budget
  • Easy to update
  • Easy to measure the marketing campaign
  • More Customer Interaction

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is the simple approach of marketing the product/service through news paper, TV advertising, Flex/Banner advertising beside road, Etc. It doesn’t think about targeted audience and all, it’s meant for everyone. As digital marketing is targeted to particular customers, its customer oriented.

Traditional Marketing Channels
  • TV/ Radio Advertisements. 
  • News Paper Advertisements.
  • Banner Advertisement

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing
  • Little Customer Interaction
  • There is no Control Over Timing
  • Higher Costs for banners and advertising
  • There is no customer orientation
  • Difficult to update
  • Poor  Marketing Measurement


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