Tuesday, 12 November 2019

360 degree performance appraisal, feedback software.

According to Kumar Parakala :

"A performance appraisal that is conducted effectively leads to greater employee morale, higher productivity, creating a positive culture and improved overall performance and effectiveness of an organization."

Objectives of Employee Appraisal
  • Determine the effectiveness of employees on their present job to decide their roles
  • Identify their potentials for promotions and increments. 

The 360 degree employee performance is used to measure the behaviors, strengths, weakness and performance of each individual employee. It allows every employee to rate each individual/team, customers and managers of the employee. The data collected form 360 degree feedback help team better understand its internal process to perform better. 360 degree is direct benefit for both organization and employees development.

360 degree feedback questionnaire

The questionnaire for 360 degree feedback varies on different job profile of employee. The topics such as leadership, interpersonal skills, problem solving and many more.

Similar to every other system 360 degree feedback tool also has some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of 360 degree feedback tool 
  1. 360 degree helps calculate the manners and capacities
  2. 360 degree tool helps to improves such skills as planning and goal setting.
  3. 360 degree tool concentrates on subjective areas, such as effectiveness of teamwork, character, and leadership.
  4. 360 degree passes on the way others think about a particular staff.
  5. Helps in clarifying, defining, redefining priorities and objectives.
  6. Helps in identifying the personal strengths and weaknesses.

Disadvantages of 360 degree performance appraisal tool
  1. The process is lengthy and takes time.
  2. Difficult to find the results easily
  3. When feedback got exchange between the employees it may create tension among the staff.
The usage of 360 degree tool may vary from organization to organization. The main approach helps to survey the performance of employee and growth of the organization. Some of the big companies like Coco-cola, Pepsi Co, Bell Labs, and Nestle have used 360 degree feedback software. Many companies use 360 degree in different way either for employee appraisal or motivational purpose.

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