Thursday, 1 August 2019

Benefits of SEO For Small Business

Running small business is not an easy task in this competitive business world. Most of the businesses fail as they are unable to adapt to changing technologies and time. In this digital and internet era you cant think of keeping your business isolated, SEO techniques (search engine optimization) helps small business owner to reach more potential customers and build brand awareness of their business with search engine. They need not spend big budgets and commitments, options are now available to keep the cost low and still get better ranking with search engines.

Here are the 5 key benefits of SEO for small businesses:

1. Better conversion rate
A responsive website with clear business details, services and product line will provide better conversion rate for their website. A timely and frequent updates of your services or products on website will bring good return on your efforts. 

2. Build Brand Awareness
One of benefit of getting better ranking for your website is to build brand awareness. whenever users searching something on web if they find your website with better ranking with good customers reviews will help visitors to become your regular customers. For example zomato, swiggy built their brand online rather than following traditional ways.

3. Reach more people
Bringing website on first page of Google will help to reach more potential customers, its always found that people never reach websites listed for second page for a specific search. SEO will bring target customers reach your website better ahead of your competition.

4. Overcome the competition
As a business owner it is essential to stay ahead in the marketplace with your competitors. Businesses need to be smart and take positive initiatives and be alert and analytical. Lets take an example if two people are selling the same product online at same price, customer will try to compare reviews,brand guarantee, one who has better identity will win over the deal.

5. Low Budget
compared to traditional way of doing offline business, SEO can be planned within your small budget.  Search engine friendly marketing strategy with your website and listing on B2B sites, social bookmarking will enable you to reach more people. SEO for small and medium enterprises (SMSE), micro businesses must not neglect having a website and applying SEO for better mileage, so the first step should be to have a website and plan on what searches your website should show on 1st page of search engines.

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